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14 May 2006

i rest my case

"you look like your mom." arggh! i always get that remark from people eversince i was a kid. when i was 10, i took that as a compliment. but now i'm 22, good heavens, it ain't funny anymore. don't get me wrong. i really love and admire my mom. but being her "mini-me" is so not my thing. [look, if you really want to compliment the features i inherited from her, you can simply say, "you're beautiful, like your mom." that's more palatable.] and besides, i don't really look like her. we may have similar features and characteristics but i take a firm stand, we're different. in a lot of ways, like:

1. she's 5'7", i'm only 5'2". [yea sure. laugh 'til your face turns blue. at least my waist line's 26. hers is 36. wahahaha!]

2. her skin is much fairer than mine. [but honestly, she's envious of my being morena. that's true. i heard her say that in my dreams.]

3. she's definitely got those perfect pair of dimples, and i don't. [call it whatever you want, for me it's just an abnormal concavity on the skin. no thanks.]

okay, now you got the point. all that i'm saying is [since it's mother's day today] you're more beautiful than me, mom. [but hey! mother's day comes only once a year.] bleh!

seriously, i gladly accept our differences, mom. i love you for who you are and thanks for loving me for who i am. you'll always be my favorite mom in the whole world. [as if i have a choice.] bleh bleh!



Blogger Darth Obnoxio said...

Haha, that's like my friend, who DOES look like her sister but she just denies it. :P

7:41 PM  

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