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19 May 2006

blame the full moon

i'm so cranky right now. and i really have no idea why.

actually, i do, but admitting it is going to make me sound like a bitter woman.

of all the things i could be doing instead of pouting, like working out, or cleaning my room, or even just unloading my phone's inbox, nothing sounds worth my while.

pms sucks.

i should eat some ice cream. ooh! haagen-dazs mayan chocolate. yum! it's not cheat day today, but aren't you suppposed to get a free pass on bleedy days? no? fine, i don't even like ice cream.

though maybe if i had just eaten a whole gallon of it while crying my eyes out watching serendipity in the first place, i wouldn't be so hostile right now.

every little thing is getting on my nerves, from an honest mistake made by an otherwise innocent student of mine, to the fact that my simpleton brother accidentally reformatted our old pc last night. i'm holding on to grudges and creating imaginary fights in my head.

i probably just need to go back to sleep.

maybe that will chill me out and help me resist the urge to claw someone's eyes out. or maybe i can just dream about it and be happy that way.

it's worth a try. i know tomorrow will be a better day.



Blogger Darth Obnoxio said...

Man, I know what it feels like... you just make the biggest fuss out of the smallest things.

10:29 PM  
Blogger prudish.feign said...

yea. tell me about it..

10:53 AM  

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